We meet on the ground floor of TAFE SA in Tonsley, which is part of the old Mitsubishi factory.  Please use the map below, and follow the signs to "Car Park 3", which is near to the Tonsley train stop. You can find car park 3 here on Google Maps

*** Update on May 17, 2024: Car Park 3 won't be accessible from May 19. Please head to carpark 4 (accross from carpark 3). Alternatively, make your way to the southern side of the Tafe, there are plenty of car parks there. 

From the car park, head up towards the very large buildings, and look for 'Gate 6'. We will flags and signs to point you in the right direction and friendly people to welcome you inside the Tonsley TAFE entrance. 

We suggest getting there at 9:45 to check out the interesting precinct, grab a free barista made coffee, and get to meet some of our regulars, before our service starts at 10am.